Crafting Your UCAS Personal Statement: A Journey of Self-Expression

Posted by Amy Lobl: Hello there, future scholars! We hope you are ready to perfect the art of crafting the perfect UCAS personal statement. This document is your chance to shine, to stand out from the crowd, and to prove why you’re the ideal candidate for your chosen university course. With a maximum limit ofContinue reading “Crafting Your UCAS Personal Statement: A Journey of Self-Expression”

13 Reasons Why Online Tutoring is the Best

Even though the COVID pandemic played a major role in the prolific rise of the virtual classroom phenomenon, we are not unfamiliar with the fact that edtech has always had the potential to boom beyond limits.

Does my Child Really Need a Tutor?

We believe that every child deserves to have the best possible education. Unfortunately, lots of schools are now starting to struggle due to a combination of the effects of COVID, budget cuts and growing class sizes. Parents are now starting to turn to private tutoring for their kids, in order to give them the boostContinue reading “Does my Child Really Need a Tutor?”

Writer’s Block

Prevent moan and groan when you ask your child to compose sentences or invent stories. Writing is, of course, a critical skill for children to learn and is intricately tied to reading, which for many children is equally painful. It is a central part of the elementary-school curriculum — not just in language arts butContinue reading “Writer’s Block”