Our Story

Heather always says her biggest strength is probably her weakness, she never learnt how to say no! As a result of juggling many balls and always being present she has had a varied and inspirational career. From running her own multi million pound business at the age of 21, through to being on the consultation committee for the then new BTEC qualifications, she also became involved with taking on children who had one foot in jail and reforming and redirecting them to success. She also worked as Government advisor and was part of a UK select committee headed by Prince Charles for Tourism.

Heather has worked for VIP families and Governments in many countries across the world before making her home Dubai where she once again focused on education. Heather realized there was a need for inspirational teachers to work with children to fill in gaps and knowledge enabling them to achieve grades beyond their imaginations in their international exams.

Heather Harries grew very much from demand. There is a real need to actually recognize and encourage ability. So often the things we measure success by makes it difficult for children to grow and feel accomplished. We simply refocus on what is important, ensure self belief exists and then unlock the door for everyone we coach to see the route to their potential.

This all sounds so simple and in reality it is. We get so swept up being the same as everyone else our children can often overlook the things that they are gifted at. However, seemingly unimportant these are, they are the key to being confident in own ability. Once we know what we “bring to the table” in terms of our ability we know where our strengths lie and our importance in the group dynamic, whether that is school or work.

Plugging away at something you simply don’t love or doesn’t come naturally will always be a challenge. The people we work with, always achieve more than they ever thought possible whether they are 7 years old or 47 years old.

Heather Harries is a mum of three children, who was consistently frustrated by the fact she knew her boys were dyslexic and having struggled with dyslexia her whole life, she didn’t want her children to be labelled stupid the way she had been throughout her school career. The frustration came that even today, so many schools still do not want to make any allowance or offer real support for different learning styles and challenges.

Having reached out to lots of tutors to support her children and she was simply unable to find anyone with the skills she was looking for. Heather believed that great teachers inspired children to be passionate about their subject and to want to learn, yet, finding this “perfect” tutor remained an impossible task. Heather retrained to work with children who learned differently.

It was through supporting children to reach beyond their own school-set targets that she found her passion and set up her own education company. Her belief has always been that if a child struggles to learn, then it is the teachers who simply cannot teach. If a child does not learn effectively, a teacher must ask themselves “why”. Giving children a label does not excuse the teacher from teaching a child effectively. Giving children work that they cannot access, simply sets a child up to fail on their own self-limiting beliefs and even more sadly a teacher will often talk a parent into sharing the view that their child is not clever enough!

Heathers’ son “failed” in every aspect of education from spelling tests to maths tests to DT, he was “labelled” with dyspraxia, dyslexia, and attention deficit along with many other limiting “disabilities”. This never meant he could not learn, it just meant the challenge was to pivot the way he learned to fit with the school’s requirements. He left school after following the BTEC route and gained Distinction* , Distinction* , Distinction*. He got accepted into his first choice University to read Business. All this from a child who was made to feel stupid at his first school to the point it affected his mental health and self-image.

Heather’s belief

In a class where a teacher is engaging, passionate and driven. There are no behavioural issues, there are no “difficult” or “problem” children and there are no failures. It is OK for your child to learn at their own pace. Your child has a lifetime of learning ahead of them.

Heather says “I have walked the journey with my own children, I know first-hand the challenges for a child not quite getting the grades they deserve and I have navigated the UK independent school sector with a sport-driven child. I have cried in frustration at the school gates with the stress of managing a child unable to attend school due to anxiety. I do not deal in theory, I work in the real world and will have already walked the path you may be on now. Looking back I wish I had known someone who would have supported me and guided me through those frustratingly stressful years”.

Still want to know more?

Why not set up a zoom meeting with your child and us where we can answer any questions that you both might have. We can also arrange for an assessment to help place their strengths and weaknesses and to provide some clear guidance of any areas that needs to be worked on.

Heather Harries LLE was set up with the following mission

To support the education journey ensuring every child understands they are a success story, working with parents and schools to provide a 360 degree partnership from early years to university. Matching each student with the very best teachers and counsellors from around the world. We give every child the opportunity to be inspired to learn.