Student Services

Hourly Tuition

Our private tutoring department focuses on your child’s needs to ensure we offer a complete learning environment geared towards your child’s goals.

Special Educational Needs tutoring

Our Special Educational Needs consultants all have a deep care and understanding of a wide range of learning difficulties, ranging from mild and marginal, to moderate and severe. Due to programmes of study involving SEN, we always want to establish a relationship with your family and ensure we will be there each step of the way towards the end goal.

The Exam Masterclass

Masterclasses are ultra-tuition sessions that break down exam questions and demonstrate how to make the most of the time available, making papers into something highly approachable; and helping students approach unfamiliar questions with confidence.

Specialist School Entrance and Placement Advisors

Our dedicated School Placement team will work with you to advise on every aspect of choosing the perfect school, in the UAE or the UK, including entry to nurseries, prep schools, senior schools, as well as individual educational roadmaps.
We manage each stage of the application process, ensuring that every family is given the best, most professional advice to achieve their maximum potential. Our in-depth knowledge of schools and admissions offices helps us offer support and access to the schools that are right for your family. 
We always begin with a full academic consultation to establish how we can help.  If we can; our placement programmes then start with our own in-house academic assessment and interview, prior to longlisting and shortlisting schools, introducing you to schools, advising on open days, personal tours, preparation for entrance examinations and additional tutoring.
  • Dedicated education consultant
  • All application forms & administration handled
  • Extensive research & long listing prior to refining your school shortlist.
  • Personal introduction to admissions offices & key staff within the schools

Educational Roadmap

Our ‘roadmap’ provides detailed admissions timelines from Nursery through to Higher Education, giving families peace of mind about their complete educational journey.

Nursery Placement

Competition for places at good nursery schools is tight; the growing number of international parents in Dubai has created a high demand for nursery places meaning the more ‘prestigious’ nurseries are able to pick and choose their intake and lists can fill up fast.

School Entrance Exams

Every Pre-Prep and Prep school, ages 4 – 11/13, has its own distinguishing features and special qualities that will shape and impact your child’s character through the hugely important early years of school.

Careers Guidance Consultancy

Our specialist careers counsellors are the best in the business and can support you to make the right choices for your ultimate career. It is very important to have a vision of where you want to be after education and this has a major impact on results in school. When children understand the progression it gives them a finish line to work towards and it makes the hard work of education more relevant ensuring better results overall.

British university admissions and placement consultants

Choosing a UK university isn’t as simple as seeing which brochure catches your eye or which one has the best nightlife. Our University Admissions  consultants never forget that university is a means to an end – your future career – rather than an end in itself.
Our university placement service can advise on your university options, both course and institution, with an eye to the future. Of course, your experience while you are there matters too; all of our team are graduates from top universities themselves, and can offer you advice from people who both understand and care about university life.
Our level of reach into and knowledge of the University sector in the UK means we can also make key introductions to current students we have placed, and academic professionals within the University itself to offer expert advice and recommendations.  This can often prove to be crucial at application stage.
From choosing the best course to assessing the extracurricular strengths of an institution, our university placement consultants can also help you discover whether you have what that university wants in its candidates – and what you can do about it if you’re lacking in a particular area.
We help and advise on the entry process, through UCAS, creating a personal statement, course combinations and other quirks of the system. If exams and interviews are required, we can arrange exam preparation and mock interviews and feedback sessions to ensure nothing is a surprise on the day.
Applications to Oxford or Cambridge are notoriously competitive and complex, and so in addition to our other university placement specialists, we also have a dedicated Oxbridge entrance team who can work with you to support your preparation for these exams.

Let’s build something great together.