Why BTECs are a great option.

BTEC qualifications are rising in popularity and increasing numbers of universities are accepting them. Their flexibility means that they can be studied alongside or instead of A-Levels and they adopt a more practical approach to learning. But is BTEC right for you? Despite now having a small exam element, it’s still a great alternative toContinue reading “Why BTECs are a great option.”


When I set up my business, I started with all the things that other businesses didn’t do. The key to success for me is to stand out, not fit in. Tutoring companies across the world traditionally employ the cheapest staff because for them it is about making money. For me breaking even is important butContinue reading “APPROACHING TUTORING DIFFERENTLY”

Motivating Reluctant Learners.

Reluctant learners need to be both challenged and supported if they are to develop the self-efficacy they need to take risks and succeed. They avoid challenges, don’t complete tasks, and are satisfied to “just get by.” They are reluctant learners, who often have the potential to excel but don’t seem to care about achieving inContinue reading “Motivating Reluctant Learners.”

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