Addressing the Decline in Children’s Literacy: The DoE’s Reading Framework

In recent years, there has been a concerning trend in declining literacy levels among children, and the latest data from SAT performance markers only reinforces this issue. The numbers paint a stark picture: only 73% of children now meet the expected minimum standard in reading. While standardized testing provides an approximate measure of decoding andContinue reading “Addressing the Decline in Children’s Literacy: The DoE’s Reading Framework”

How to prevent student procrastination

Student procrastination is a common problem, which occurs when students unnecessarily postpone working on school tasks, like studying or writing. It affects students at all levels and can cause serious issues, like worse grades and lower well-being. It’s also a complicated problem, since different students procrastinate for different reasons, and can therefore benefit from different solutions when it comes to overcoming their procrastination.

Improve your memory with better note taking

If you think you are forgetting information as quickly as you are hearing it, even when you write it down you possibly are. We lose about 40% of all new information given to us within the first 24 hours of reading or hearing it. This means that learning how to retain information is essential toContinue reading “Improve your memory with better note taking”

Why are study skills so important and how do you master them.

How to become a Grade A student   We all want to do well in the future, and you know you need to have a great set of results to make it happen. Hopefully, you are willing to do whatever it takes to get those great grades to get started. Getting great results is notContinue reading “Why are study skills so important and how do you master them.”

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