Writing Classes

Our writing classes are taught by passionate British teachers. If your child joins even a few of these classes you will see results quickly, as they move their writing and communication skills to a new level.

Powerful and carefully used words will ensure school exam papers, university applications, class speeches and ultimately employment applications will set your child ahead of all the others.

Advanced Vocabulary – Words, Reading and Writing Prompts (Ages 8 – 11)

A course that encourages students to confidently increase their vocabulary, practice correct use and hone their writing skills, enabling them to express their creativity and impress teachers and examiners with their use of ambitious vocabulary. A better vocabularly enables students to maximise their grammer tools as sentences such as the “roar of the sea” becomes “the sea’s cacophonous cadence crashing on the worn rugged rocks”

Each lesson is individually crafted to develop different skills so students can join weekly as they would like. However many sessions you take each one will give you skills to that you can use in your work immediately.


“I don’t know what to write”

Classes to encourage inspiration and creativity in children. In this ongoing creative writing course, students will learn valuable strategies that will help them boost their confidence and become better writers. Each class can be taken on its own in a series.

With a few carefully chosen phrases every child can learn to use these to create amazing stories to ensure they are always top of the class in their writing skills.

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