Working for us Old2

We are always looking for dedicated, professional teachers to join our team as we continue to expand online there are opportunities to work with so many students globally. Our students all have several things in common, they speak English and want to work with the best teachers across the world to help them achieve to their maximum potential.

What we look for in teachers?

  1. We need to know that you are fully and suitably qualified, this means that you will have completed your education in the UK, you will have attended a British or European University, you hold a degree in a related subject and critically have a PGCE, PDGE and have completed your QTS in a British School environment.
  2. We need to know that you have been checked and have appropriate certification to work with children and this has been validated by authorities in the country that you are based in
  3. You will be interviewed and we are looking beyond qualifications to teachers with a great personality and potentially amazing rapport with students. Our reputation is based on this.
  4. Your references must check out and then your progress will be reviewed based on the results that your students receive. Once again our reputation is based on your students success.

If you are professional, know your subject inside out and willing to invest in the students you work with, we can guarantee a good source of income, some lovely students and a great team of professionals who will all be happy to support your career.

If you would like to join our team please fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly.