Supporting Educational Choices

So many choices and decision …

Educational Directions and Transitions

Education has so many choices from finding the right school to choosing the right curriculum. There are so many options for education that it can be overwhelming, it is important that families have a place where they can map what their educational journey might look like, whether that is choosing the best curriculum, school, subject options or career paths.

This is a great service for families moving overseas who need to make a choice about school quickly and simply do not have time to review all the options. The preparation of a shortlist with key contacts, advantages and disadvantages for each school mapped to your child’s needs, using local knowledge and school insights to ensure the perfect transition. Moving is stressful enough without the added burden of choosing a new school.

Alternatively if you are wondering about the effects of switching across different curriculum then talk it out with our teams who can really help you understand the implications of a move.

Moving to a new area

When you move to a new country there is so much to do, but finding the right school should be top of the list. This is tough call when you don’t know people to ask for advice and reviews.

Our team are on hand to offer independent advice about the best schools to suit your child and family. They will also give you a list of contacts along with pros and cons like traffic, ease of travel and other insights.

Changing curriculum

Moving can mean it is unavoidable to change the curriculum, but other reasons could simply be you want to change school or your family plans have changed and you will end up in a different part of the world than you had expected.

Changing curriculum is not the end of the world but let our team help you with insights, missing chunks and the different teaching methods used so that you can minimize educational disruption for your child.

Entrance Exams

Not all entrance exams are looking for the same thing. Some schools want the gifted and talented students, some just want a base line. Some are simply standardised tests.

We do not at any point advocate tutoring for exams, but we do always say a brush up of skills, some work on exam techniques and some confidence boosting will always benefit children and ensure they have the confidence to do their best on the day.

We have lot experience supporting students for entrance exams for top UK schools and schools in the UAE.

Our son was really stressing about sitting an exam for a new school in Scotland, he was bottom of his set in Dubai and knew he lacked skills to write an essay for the entrance exam, Heather literally moved him from writing 5 lines to a full page and gave him lots of tips. Above all she boosted his confidence. When he came out of the exam he had a big smile on his face and said I did everything Heather said. We are so grateful for her time and care. He absolutely loves his new school and is thriving.

Linda Douglas

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