At Heather Harries Education Hub, we know how important it is to get it right, and we always aim to provide a quality experience. Our reputation relies directly on the quality of our service to you and your child, it is measured on the final outcome of the success your child achieves and we take this very seriously.

To ensure that you only receive the best possible quality, we take time and care with our recruitment process and seek out the best possible teachers. We look for teachers who believe all children can learn, who spend time ensuring their lessons are engaging and interactive, who have empathy and who are great communicators.

If your child is taking exams, we aim to match them with a teacher who has recent exam board marking experience, they already have a history of multiple students achieving top marks each year and they want to become invested in your child’s success.

To do this, we interview multiple teachers and assess their qualifications from GCSE to Degree. We check that they understand learning, have gained postgraduate teaching qualifications in teaching and hold a police check from the UK on their suitability to work with children. We take multiple references not just from their employers but from our clients as well to ensure our quality is an ongoing process, evolving continually around our clients and their needs.

We also have an “Instant Tutor Change” policy in place, so while we are confident in the tutor we choose for you, we need you to be as well. If for any reason you are not satisfied and want to try a new teacher, we don’t ask questions. We change the teacher and make the handover streamlined and simple for you and most importantly for your child.

If you want to ensure your child has the very best opportunity to support their learning, please get in touch with us.

Still want to know more?

Why not set up a Zoom meeting with your child and us where we can answer any questions that you both might have. We can also arrange for an assessment to help place their strengths and weaknesses and to provide some clear guidance on any areas that need to be worked on.