Individual Attention

At Heather Harries Learning Hub, we will always try and support your goals, we believe that these are very personal to you. If you are looking for additional support, you likely need this because you require additional input on particular areas of the curriculum or you need to achieve a higher grade to pursue your dreams. Taking all this into account we believe working one on one with a student makes more sense.

All of our sessions are booked after careful consideration of the needs and the character of the student and the way our team teaches. We try hard to make the best possible match and from there, the magic of learning can really start to take place. It is important to us that each student looks forward to their sessions and each teacher bonds with their student, we believe that tutoring is a partnership.

If you would like to find the perfect learning partner for your child, then please do get in touch.

We have a team of highly qualified teachers who are results-driven but empathetic in their approach to each student. We believe in your child and their dreams and we truly accept the challenge to help make them happen.

Still want to know more?

Why not set up a Zoom meeting with your child and us where we can answer any questions that you both might have. We can also arrange for an assessment to help place their strengths and weaknesses and to provide some clear guidance on any areas that need to be worked on.