11+ Maths exam resources

There are a lot of available resources to work through and we hope that collecting them all in one place will help with the last minute preparations for upcoming entrance exams. I have also pulled together a lot of resources in one revision pack which I hope you will find useful.

  1. Answer the questions below. You can show your working on the space provided.
    a. 14 + 34= _ b. + 25 = 78
    c. 23 x 3 =_ d. 34 + __ = 12 + 45 (4 marks)
  2. Complete the number sequences.
    a. 8, 12, 16, 20,_
  3. b. 9, 12, , 18, 21
    c. 12, 18 ,,30, 36, _
    (4 marks)
  4. Write down the number which is 20 more than 291 (1 mark)
  5. b. Write down the number which is 10 less than 1105 (1 mark)
  6. Work out the following:
    a. __ x 54 = 540
  7. b. 5400 ÷__ = 54
    c. 5400 ÷__ = 540
  8. d. 5.4 x__ = 540 (4 marks)
  9. The temperature in Bob’s house is 4 degrees. As the weather turns cold, this
    drops by 10 degrees. What is the temperature in Bob’s house now? (2 marks)
  10. Write the correct number to match the description. Each number can only be used
    1, 7, 13, 16, 25
    prime number ___
    square number ___
    cube number ___
    multiple of 8 ___
    the median of all 5 numbers ______. (5 marks)
  11. Order these numbers from smallest to biggest
    0.1 0.01 1.1 1.01 1.11 (2 marks)

12. Sandy has 20 sweets. She gives 1/5 of. them to her friend Alex. How many does Alex get? (2 marks)
b. With her remaining sweets, Sandy gives. 25% to her brother. How many does her brother get? (2 marks)
c. Sandy has now given away some of her sweets to Alex and her brother. She rearranges her remaining sweets into bags. Each bag can take 5 sweets, how many bags will Sandy need to store all her sweets? (2 marks)

10. Here are the ingredients needed to make a cake for 5 people.
200g butter
400g flour
350g sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
a. How much flour would you would need to make a cake for 10 people? (2 marks)
b. How much of each ingredient would you need to make a cake for 1 person?
g butter _____g flour _____g sugar tsp vanilla extract (4 marks)
c How much butter would you need to make. a cake for 2? _
(2 marks)
d. James wants to make a cake but only has 160g of butter. How many people will his
cake feed? ____ (2 marks)
e. Mrs. White wants to make a cake for 3, she only has 80g of flour. How much more flour does she need to be able to make. her cake? ______
(2 marks)

  1. Sam buys
    1 comic book costing £1.15
    1 pencil case costing 81p
    2 water bottles
    Sam pays with a £5 and gets £1.78 change.
    What is the cost of one water bottle? Show your workings here: (3 marks)

May has 5 coins in her bag. She has one 50p coin, two 20p coins, one 10p coins
and a 5p coin.
a) What is the total value of all the coins in her bag? (1 mark)
b) What percentage of the coins are 20p coins? (1 mark)
One coin is picked at random. As a fraction, write the probability that the coin May
picks will be:
i) a 10p coin ____
ii) is not a 20p coin ____
iii) a coin worth less than £1 _____. (3 marks)

  1. Gemma thinks of a number. She adds 3 to her number, and then multiplies the result by 5. The answer is 30. What is Gemma’s. number? (2 marks)

  1. A group of children decide to play a board game but only two boys and two girls can play at the same time. Alfred will only play with Heather. Heather won’t play if Ben is playing. Ben won’t play if John or Clara play. John will only play if Zara play. Zara doesn’t mind who she plays with. Which 2 boys and which 2 girls play the board game?