“Our amazing teachers are what makes us different”.

Heatherharries.com now operates in 6 countries globally supporting students to achieve their best grades. Since starting in 2017 the company has supported thousands of students through their educational journey.

As students gain confidence in their ability their grades and self efficacy improves across the board. We are delighted that many of our students have grown with us and we are now able to support them through their first year in college as well.

The company can support all your educational needs from consultation of finding the perfect school, to support to achieve in all levels of education through to support in writing UCAS statements. Any thing your child needs to enrich their education and ensure their success is available through us.

Holiday Structured Revision

The structured revision sessions held during holidays really helps to focus students to revise and be prepared for the upcoming exams. Through breaking the units to bite sized chunks with lots of exam question practise to underpin learning, these courses are perfect to help students get ahead.

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We signed our son up to work with Heather Harries and it was the best decision we ever made. His predicted grades were terrible even at one month before the exams. Heather made it her mission to get him through and he passed with grade 9s, and 8s.

Martie Small

We believed in our child, but did not feel as though the school did, Heather nurtured his confidence and now he believes in himself, his friends and the school does as well. He has just been given a big part in the school play, and he is loving the challenges thrown at him. Thank you Heather Harries

Angela Cummings

Let’s build something great together.

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