IB Business Resources – Unit 1

IB Business Management provided an introductory context to business management.

Unit 1.1

The role of business in combining human, physical and financial resources to create goods and services (AO2)

The main business functions and their roles: human resources, finance and accounts, marketing and operations (AO2)

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary sectors (AO2)

The nature of business activity in each sector and the impact of sectoral change on business activity (AO2)

The role of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship on overall business activity (AO3)

Reasons for starting up a business or an enterprise (AO2)

Common steps in the process of starting up a business or an enterprise (AO2)

Problems that a new business or enterprise may face (AO2)

The elements of a business plan (AO2)

Revision questions

Once you have read the notes in your text book down load these revision questions and see how much you really know.

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