Top tips for writing your university personal statement


When approaching the first draft of your personal statement, write simply and honestly. Believe in what you are saying and it will stand out.


# Top Tip 1

Create two lists
Write down one list of what you know and like about the course you would like to study and why you know it is the correct degree choice for you. The second list should focus on why you are the ideal student for that course and university. Use these lists to help you produce a more personal statement. (Remember your PEEL paragraphs, yes you finally get to use them for real).

#Top Tip 2

Thoroughly research your subject choice
Admission tutors will read your personal statement to help them evaluate whether you are right for the course. Research the university’s values you should feel confident to share why you want to dedicate the next three years to your chosen course.

#Top Tip 3

Be original
You know why you got excited about the degree the moment you read the course information or when you attended a Q&A with one of the lecturers during an open day. Use your personal statement as an opportunity to share your enthusiasm.

#Top Tip 4

Don’t use unsupported clichés
It’s a good idea to try and stay away from clichés as a rule, but if you do think that one will work in your favour make sure it’s supported. If it is the truth that you have wanted to study something from a young age then you may want to include this kind of statement. But what is more important is that you explain how this has inspired you to study supporting subjects and dedicate time to hobbies or interests that relate directly to what you would like to study at university and how this will help you.

#Top Tip 5

Be aware of using the word “passionate” (along with a few others)
If you are applying to university you must be passionate about your subject. Thousands of students will use this word at least once in their personal statement, so not using the word “passionate” will instantly set you apart from other applicants.

Other words and phrases to avoid include:
Sparked my interest, burning desire, fascinated me, from a young age!


Your personal statement is in reality the only thing on your application that will show the university what type of person you are and persuade them to take you on their course. They need to know you will bring something to the course, complete the course and be fun to teach. So everything you write must underline your strengths in being a completer.

If you are unsure about anything – just ask!

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