When I set up my business, I started with all the things that other businesses didn’t do. The key to success for me is to stand out, not fit in.

Tutoring companies across the world traditionally employ the cheapest staff because for them it is about making money. For me breaking even is important but more importantly I wanted to make a real difference to children’s education. So I started with the best teachers, paid the top rates and ensured each child only had the very best teacher to inspire and nurture their thirst for learning.

Other companies tie families into long and complicated contracts meaning the family can end up paying for lessons they don’t attend or may no longer need. I made flexibility the cornerstone of my business.

In many companies you are just a number, but for us every single child counts and we track and monitor progress carefully to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations that are set out. To us you become family and your success is our motivation.

Most importantly, we don’t give you any teacher, we match the best fit for your child’s needs and personality. We believe that while it may take longer to confirm a booking this match ensures your child will look forward to learning.

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